•  Might come without enough calcite
  • Need to install a pre-filter
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Waterboss Acid-Neutralizing Whole-House Water Filter

Designed with a classy white tank and reviewed highly on Amazon, this Waterboss water filter is excellent for whole-house acid neutralizing. 

It’s designed to neutralize acidic levels of as low as 6.5 pH levels. It’s a backwash unit and uses sand filtration, and functions without the need to add salt. 

Not only does this acid neutralizer handle the pressure of up to 120 psi, but it can be able gives outflow rate of 8 GPM which is very powerful, and so it’s able to supply water to the whole house, it’s really no wonder this a great option made our top 6 best acid neutralizer. 

Interested in more details? Here’s the breakdown: 


This excellent whole house water filtration system is great for neutralizing acidic water from well water which has lots of sediments because of sand filtration. 

If you’re excited to learn more, try reading some of these pros and cons of this acid Neutralizer that other customers have posted in reviews: 

Pros and Cons

  • Ease to install
  • 1-stage sediment filtration 
  • Great pressure
  • Compatible with standard plumbing
  • Durable
  • Looks great
  • Lightweight

  • complains of a poor casing that is prone to leaks
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Premier pH-20 Greenflo Calcite Acid Neutralizer

While this epic acid Neutralizer is pricier than most on this best-of-the list, it is for good reason. This Premier water filter system uses flow control valve clack 1190-FP which is designed for easy in and out filters such as acid neutralizers and carbon filters. This valve can be used for up-flow or downflow. 

The control head has a removable top for replacing the calcite filtration media. It requires a c-series fitting kit for a perfect connection.

It can connect with standard 1-inch plumbing fittings, and it’s shipped with 2 cubic feet of calcite filtration media which is great.

Here are the need-to-knows accompanying this Premier pH-20 Greenflo calcite acid Neutralizer.

As this neutralizer is able to eliminate acidity in the pH range of 6.0 to 6.9 by introducing calcium carbonate in water, you will need to replenish the neutralizer after some time depending on the amount of water used and the acidity level. Here are some pros and cons that were brought up by customers who bought this system.

Pros and Cons

  • Comes with 2 cubic feet of calcite
  • No drain is required 
  • Comes with a bypass valve 
  • Removable top for replenishing media bed
  • A bit pricey
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Premier 1.5 Cubic Ft. Whole House Acid Neutralizing

We have another acid neutralizer from Premier, and this time, it’s the 1.5 cubic Ft Whole House Acid neutralizing Water filter system. To be fairly honest, it’s one of few filter systems by Premier that helped the company establish itself. 

If you’re wondering what the difference is with pH-20 Greenflo, the only difference is the ability to alkalize water that is more acidic from as low as 5.5 up to alkaline level using naturally occurring calcium carbonate. 

The Premier 1.5 CUbic Ft is designed for a whole house and can filter water at rate of 3.2 GPM. It comes with a stardard 10″ X 54″ inch mieral tank which can take upto 1.5 cubic ft  calcite. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the pros and the cons. 

Pros & Cons

  • Can alkalize pH as low as 5.5
  • Easy to set up
  • Great customer care
  • Not very pricey
  • Manual backwash
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Things to Know Before Choosing Acid Neutralizer For Well Water 

Acidic water is water that has pH level of between 0- 7.0 while alkaline water has a pH level of between 7.0 – 14.0. If you’re using water from a well which has acid water, it will eat away your plumbing and stain your pipes and faucets. 

What is Calcite used for?

Calcite is a naturally occurring mineral. It’s very common all over the world and is found in sedimentary and igneous rocks, it has the chemical formula CaCO3. 

Calcite is used in treating acidic water. When acidic water comes into contact with calcite, it slowly dissolves and raises the pH level. Calcite has a self-limiting ability. This means it only dissolves only enough to reach a non-corrosive level.  This is normally enough to prevent leaching of plumbing metals such as copper and lead.

Periodic backwashing is pumping water backward through the filter media to prevent the packing of particles on the filter bed. 

You also need to periodically replenish the calcite as it gets depleted. 

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